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Accessible bathrooms are the most requested home remodeling project for our clients. Accessible design is a critical part of a bathroom remodel for anyone with a physical limitation. Bathrooms designed for accessibility are easy-to-use for everyone.

At Safety Net Solutions, we are well-versed in handicap accessible bathroom requirements, ADA compliant residential bathroom layout and handicap bathroom design. Having an experienced Occupational Therapist do your accessible bathroom remodeling is a smart choice.

At the heart of an accessible bathroom are the features and functionality that make it more safe and easier to use. When you think about how more accidents happen in the bathroom than any other place in the home you'll agree, creating this accessibility in your bathroom is a wise investment in your future. These accidents lead to falls, which account for millions of people who go to the hospital every year for fall-related injuries.

Bathroom Accessibility

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         Emergency Installs         White Glove Service 


Barrier Free Bathroom Features

  • Zero-threshold or handicap accessible bathroom shower

  • Comfort-height toilet

  • ADA bathroom grab bars

  • Open space

  • ADA bathroom sink or roll-under sink

  • Lever handle faucets and showercontrols

  • Anti-scald protection

  • Adjustable and hand-held shower heads

  • Shower seats

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