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Patient Lifts help ensure patient and care provider safety and make transfers from one spot to another easier and more comfotable!

Safety Net Solutions offers an array of residential or commercial patient lift products. 

We believe it is important to provide the utmost in customer support long after the initial sale. Our specialists provide guidance inpatient needs assessment, equipment selection, installation and maintenance. Our lifts can reduce injuries and costs caused by patient transfers. Lifts will improve the quality of care and provide safety and security for patients. High strength track systems easily install into any ceiling - new or old - while being discreet and esthetically pleasing.

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PatIent Lifts

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What types of Patient lifts are out there?

  • Portable Ceiling Lifts: Light and agile, they still pack the muscle to help caregivers keep patients out of clinches and move them place to place. Designed to be safely operated by a single caregiver, ceiling lifts are lightweight and portable yet capable of carrying up to 600 lbs

  • Fixed Ceiling Lifts: Powerful and compact, innovative features include a digital display, programmability and modular design for easy maintenance. Designed for safety and ease of operation, they provide a smooth and effortless transfer that’s safe for both patient and caregiver and makes even the rough slopes a trip on the bunny hill.

  • Bariatric Ceiling Lifts: Offer confidence in caring for bariatric patients and their unique needs, the impressive 1000 lb capacity is the lifting and transfer hero for patients who exceed the capacity of lesser lifts, providing safety and dignity for both patient and caregivers.

  • Freestanding bathroom and bedroom lifts: When permanent installation of a ceiling track isn’t a possibility, we’ve got you covered!

  • Pressure Fit Ceiling Lifts: This portable solution eliminates the requirement of attachment to a ceiling structure and can be assembled in minutes, making it a great portable solution as well. The track exerts equal pressure between the floor and ceiling to stabilize the unit while ensuring ceilings aren’t damaged.

  • Rolling Floor Lifts: Mobile patient lifts are designed for safe and easy transfer of patients. They feature a narrow and compact design, while still offers a broad lifting range suitable for most lifting scenarios. Let us help you find the right rolling floor lift. There are so many to choose from!

  • Sit to Stand Lifts: Unique design safely moves the patient forward and upward in a natural movement while leg muscles and balance are exercised, providing a secure and active experience. Lifts can be use in doors and out, to assist patients when getting up from wherever they are seated. Ask about our mini units!

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